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The Republic of Venda was created by the South African government as an independent homeland for the Venda people. It existed from 1979 to 1995.

When South Africa moved to a democratic form of government, Venda was incorporated into the new South Africa and ceased to exist as a separate entity.
Venda stamps, which were issued regularly over the 15 years of the republic's existence, are increasingly hard to obtain. They are well designed, valuable in themselves, and are also prized as collectors' items. An additional benefit is that detailed information on the subjects that are pictured in the stamps are provided in fact sheets that accompany the original first-day covers.
A few of the many stamps that were issued are available for purchase here. A mint unused stamp set or individual set as well as information on the item featured on the stamp will be included with your stamp order.

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Malombo tradtitional dance - 50 cent Venda stamp set

Malombo tradtitional dance

When the bones are thrown in the event of a woman or a girl (or occassionally a man) becoming ill, the diagnosis might be thar the illness is of a spiritual rather than physical nature. This usually means that the spirit of an ancestor wants to take possession of the patient. Such a visitation is regarded as an honour and the subsequnt proceedings are intended to allow the spirit access to the patient and not to exorcise it. The helpo f a witchdoctor, who is acquanited with the spirits, is sought. He/she summons a group of trained followers (malombe) to accompany him/her.

The preliminary dance session, the tshele, takes place indoors. The singing is accompanied only by the rhythmic shaking of hand rattles. When the patients begin to respond to the music by swaying their head and body, the music and dancing intensify until the patient falls forward and collapses in a trance. The spirit is then identified, and speaks through the patient in a strange tongue.