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It is vital for your health that you read this book NOW

WITH NO CURE for dementia or Alzheimer's in sight, medical researchers are concentrating on prevention. In just the last year a number of new studies have been published in leading medical journals that outline ways that have been proven to lower dementia risks.
This book outlines the latest clinical studies that, taken together, will show you steps you can take to sharply reduce your chances of dementia later in life—or even if you are showing the first signs of dementia now. All the steps are natural. No drugs are involved.

The ideal gift for the dad who has everything

BESIDES BEING FASCINATING in themselves, the 135 ads in this book tell much about the cars of those days—how they worked, how long they lasted and how economical they were, just for starters. The book is available in paperback or hardcover.

'The best true story to come out of Africa' —enthralling, gripping and unforgettable

In a riveting true story, Sent to kill describes how British settlers sought to take control of the Southern African territory of Quthing (today part of Lesotho) ruled by King Moorosi, leader of the Baphuthi people. The astute Moorosi was more than a match for his would-be rulers, however.

Preach as you've never preached before!

Successful media professionals use tested techniques to attract and retain audience attention. This book tells how those techniques can be applied to preaching with dramatic effect.

An intriguing look into South African history that will enthrall you

All 126 stamps ever issued by the former Republic of Venda in Southern Africa are featured in this colorful book. Information on the subjects depicted in the stamps is included. They cover the country's wildlife, culture, fauna, flora and a host of other fascinating topics. This is a compelling read.